18 Jan 2023

The 2017 European Go Conference: Our recap

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european go conference 2017 recap

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Last week 800 gophers descended upon the Theatre de Paris for the dotGo Conference. The talks ranged from the depths of deps and netpoll to error handling and testing to channels (one of the key features of Go).

I was introduced to Go about a year ago when I started at Talon.One as a backend developer; our backend is written completely in Go. Using Go has been a great way to learn to develop. Go has a simple, understandable structure with efficiency underneath.

Read more in the article I wrote, Learning Go, Confessions of a Junior Developer.

The Conference

The dotGo Conference was a great learning experience and really impressive to hear directly from some of the leading Go developers. To get an idea of what the speakers covered, you can watch videos from past years. New videos from 2017 will be added soon.


Sameer Ajmani gave an intuitive opening talk on channels. Channels are one of the most powerful functions of Go. Ajmani walked through a real-world situation, using channels to improve throughput and latency in the process of making a latte.

Check out his talk if you're a new gopher, or an old one who wants to learn a great way to explain channels.

Ajmani has worked at Google for many years and has been working with the Go team since 2012. Check out more about him here.

Women Who Go


Source: dotGo Flickr Account by Nicolas Ravelli

I participate in the Women Who Go meetup in Berlin, and women from other chapters from all over the world got the chance to connect and discuss Go. If you are working in Go or are interested in using it, I highly recommend joining a local meetup to meet other gophers.

If you are in Berlin, check out our group and join the next Meetup!


Source: dotGo Flickr Account by Nicolas Ravelli

There was an illustrator attending to capture the magic of the conference.

Go Resources

If you are interested in learning more about Go, check out these resources:

If you have questions about learning Go, leave a comment or get in touch!

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