Three Promotions to Help You Attract New Customers

Oct 16, 2020
Henry Bewicke
Promotions Specialist
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Attracting new customers isn't always easy. You may already have a solid customer base, but also want to expand it to cover a new segment. Or you may have a brand new product that you want to promote to a specific demographic.

Either way, you can use promotions to achieve your goal. You just need to adopt the right approach and make sure you have the right tools at your disposal.

To give you a better idea of how you can use promotions to attract new customers, we’ll run through three common examples below.

First purchase coupons

Target: new customers of any demographic

We’ll start off simple with one of the most common promotion techniques - coupons.

They’re a particularly effective way to catch people’s attention, and you can customize them for any occasion. This makes them a great option for attracting customers in general.

But, to ensure you’re specifically reaching new customers, you need to add some conditions.

Firstly, you’ll need a way to ensure only new customers can receive or redeem the coupons. You can do this by tying your coupons to customer credentials, like name and email address.

You could potentially lose profit to returning customers without this condition.

Geofenced discounts

Target: new customers in a specific location

If you’re trying to promote your product or business to a new audience in a new location, geofencing is the way to go.

Geofencing allows you to offer specific promotions to audiences in any location your choosing.

This can be particularly useful if you want to establish a presence in a town, city, or country that's currently dominated by one of your competitors.

For example, you could offer 20% off all your products in a particular region to make your product more attractive to your competitor’s customers.

To add an extra level of security to the geofencing rules, you could also set the discount to be valid only if the delivery address is in a certain area.


Target: new customers that match your current customer profile

Referrals are one of the most commonly used promotional strategies for attracting new customers.

They offer an incentive to encourage existing customers to refer new customers. The new customers also get an incentive to sweeten the deal.

Referrals usually involve existing customers referring their friends and individuals with similar shopping habits.

This makes referral programs a great tool for sourcing new customers that fit your existing customer profile. But they’re not necessarily as good for targeting a specific audience niche.

You can get around this by adding conditions to your referral campaign. For example, if it's younger customers that you're trying to attract, you could make the referrals only applicable to new customers under the age of 25.

In conclusion

It doesn't matter which new demographic you're trying to target, there's always a way you can tailor your promotions to reach them.

The most important thing is understanding your options when it comes to promotion customization. Usually all it takes is a bit of creative thinking to find a workaround.

To find out how our Promotion Engine can help you with the examples listed above, take a look at the materials in our Content Library.

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