Mar 5, 2020

Uber's Loyalty Program Logic in Talon.One

Daniel Burton
UX Writer
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Whether you use their services or not, most people would've heard of Uber Rewards at least in passing.

Uber's incentive program ticks a lot of boxes. It has a great user interface with clear goals and rewards that almost everyone can reach. On top of this Uber discovered a great way of encouraging users to pay for their additional branded services by making them a quicker way to reach your next tier.

With a very sleek looking UI and gamified graphics that makes you want to 'level up', Uber has created a really well designed loyalty program for their users.

The Program

For anyone who hasn't heard of Uber, their incentive program looks a little something like this.

Source: MilesAhead

The way it works is that you earn one point for every dollar spent on POOL & Uber Eats, 2 points for every dollar invested into UberX and finally 3 points for your fancy dollars spent on their premium service.

The tiers are divided into Blue (0-499 points), Gold (500-7499 points), Platinum (2500-7499 points) & Diamond (7500 points and over).

At each tier you reach, you'll unlock features intended to improve the overall experience of using Uber services. these are features like flexible cancellation, priority support, free Uber Eats deliveries or price protection between favourite destinations.

If you are a fairly regular user of UberX or Premium then this rewards plan will work out pretty well for you, but if you're only using Pool or Eats, you'll have to spend $500 to reach your first tier and get $5 back. And that'll be about as far as you ever get, because the next tier will cost you another $2000.

Source: MilesAhead

One of the big challenges of building a rewards program is you have to get the design right.

How your user interacts with the program can keep them engaged and talking about your product, but the opposite is also true.

Your UI design should be based on the structure you want your program to take, so you need to figure out:

Loyalty Features You'll Need

To build a loyalty program like Uber's you'll need to build:

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