22 Jan 2024

Unleash your promotion potential with Segment personas

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how to use Segment personas for your promotions

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Talon.One: The Rules that Make the Promotions

As you may already know Talon.One gives you out-of-the-box tools to personalize and automate your sales incentives (Coupons, Discounts & Bundles) and build the complex background logic for Loyalty and Referral Programs with a simple and intuitive user interface that can be used by marketers and product managers without the need for development effort.         

So, what does Segment do?

Typically, every BI or Analytics tool your team uses is integrated separately, so you end up with a lot of redundant code and extra work for your developers.  

What Segment does is normalize your customer data into more manageable pieces and lets you automate workflows to free your team from having to perform repetitive tasks manually.

If you’re using Segment  to manage your data flow you’ll want to know how to connect your Talon.One account to target promotions based on the Audiences you’ve created there.


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Auto-sync your Customer Persona & Profile Data 

Why? Well, syncing your Talon.One account with Segment means that your users can move automatically in and out of customer persona segments, allowing you to automate dynamic, tailor-made promotions in near real-time. 

With your systems in-sync you’ll be able to create promotions based on any Customer Personas, Audiences and Computed Traits

To understand more about syncing Segment and Talon.One, check out the step-by-step guide in our Developer Docs.  

A few interesting use cases for you

There are a lot of great ways that you can use customer profiles to improve the performance of your promotions. You can always check out Segment’s documentation or the Talon.One Product Docs to learn some more ways to target your promotions more effectively to increase customer lifetime value.   

Churn Risks

Using Automated Computed Traits in Segment’s UI you can create Audiences for customers or account profiles that are potential churn risks. You will have to decide on what exactly represents a churn risk based on your business model, but typically any noticeable reduction in regular activity or usage should be addressed quickly. Set your usage threshold in Segment and then in Talon.One create a rule that triggers Coupons, Discounts with notifications on the next visit, or Loyalty Points for any users that aren’t engaging as much as you’d like.   

Encourage Customer Return

With an Event Counter Trait in Segment you can target users that have viewed the pricing page various times, but haven’t ordered anything for 30 days. 

Then when this condition is true, you can set an effect in Talon.One to automatically send them a 30% coupon that is only valid for their Profile ID and expires in the next 14 days. 

Loyal Customer Rewards

Using Aggregation (to deal with total orders) or Most Frequent (to single out the most active user) you can trigger Loyalty Rewards in many different ways for your customers. This could be by sending personalized coupons or messages, points, badges, currency, or any other type of Reward you can think of and saving it for your customers in their customer wallets.

B2B Re-engagement 

Create Account-Level Audiences in Segment that include any accounts that are on a business tier plan. Then build Rules in Talon.One that send notifications or coupon codes that unlock special features on the platform if their users haven’t logged in recently.  

Find out more!

Now you know a little more about what’s possible with your Segment & Talon.One integration. To learn more click on the hyperlink and check out the setup guide for Segment in our Developer Docs

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