What benefits does ecommerce see from Talon.One?

What benefits does ecommerce see from Talon.One?


Jul 18, 2022

Reza Javanian

Mohammadreza Javanian

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Talon.One’s list of clients contains a wide range of companies operating across various sectors and industries. From ecommerce and retail to mobility, insurance and fintech, businesses use Talon.One’s promotion solutions to boost their customer engagement, create seamless customer experiences, drive up sales and scale up their promotion campaigns. 

Ecommerce businesses are amongst major clients of Talon.One. These companies benefit from various features of Talon.One’s promotion engine including coupons, discounts, referrals, product bundling, etc.

Retail ecommerce sales figure is forecast to surpass 7 trillion dollars by 2025. Therefore, more ecommerce businesses are adding Talon.One’s promotion solutions to their headless tech stack in order to increase their share from this thriving sector. In the following, you’ll see how Talon.One has helped its existing ecommerce clients create loyal customers and increase their stats (to respect some clients’ request for anonymity, their names aren’t mentioned here).


Talon.One enables ecommerce businesses to generate millions of unique coupons in a few clicks. And the results? 


  • Streamlining their customer success process

  • +23% increase in the amount of appeased complaints

  • Setting the coupon expiry date in relation to the complaint date

  • Assigning the coupon to the customer’s ID


  • +19% increase in sales

  • +21% increase in clients

  • +38% increase in conversion rate

  • Encouraging transactions among theory network of entrepreneurs and customers through coupon campaigns

Product bundling

Product bundling is a popular promotion feature of Talon.One among ecommerce businesses because it helps them give their customers the best possible reasons to continue adding items to their baskets as they shop. The results explain the popularity of the product bundling solution:

International retailer

  •  +50% higher AOV (average order value) of orders in their gift with purchase (GWP) campaigns 

  • 250x increase in an item’s sales when there’s a GWP attached

Company A

  • +44% increase in sales of an unpopular product. This is how it worked: After customers bought 2 of the same item, they were notified they could add a protein bar (which had not been selling) with a discounted price of 1 EUR as part of their product bundling campaign to their shopping cart.


Talon.One’s discounts feature gives ecommerce businesses unlimited ability to build targeted and automated discounts. Therefore, you would expect phenomenal results and you’re rights:

Company B

  • Setting specific percentage (%) discounts for cart values over a certain amount (in EUR)

  • Upselling their customers by +6% using Talon.One’s dynamic notification feature 

  • Triggering the customers to move their basket line beyond certain thresholds


Referral programs can help ecommerce businesses increase their exposure, all while giving back to their most loyal customers. This is how Talon.One’s referrals resulted in outstanding outcome for its client:

Company C

  • +10% increase in the monthly revenue

  • +25% increase in the lifetime value (LTV) of the referred customers 

  • Customers acquired through referrals are 16% more profitable than those acquired through other channels (after one year of running a Talon.One referral program)

Loyalty programs

There are over 10,000 loyalty features offered by Talon.One that allow businesses to build any customer loyalty program based on their very specific needs. This is how one ecommerce client ran a loyalty program and benefited from its results:

Company D

  • An ROI of +61% each year with a payback period of less than a year of the cost of implementing a loyalty program using Talon.One.

Easy integration, phenomenal results

Changes in the world of ecommerce have brought about a need for a new approach towards promotions. Talon.One’s powerful promotion engine easily integrates with ecommerce businesses’ tech stacks, ensuring they can launch increasingly creative digital promotional campaigns to cater to the modern ecommerce consumer. Our Promotion Engine helps you build the most sophisticated campaigns without additional development resources. 

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