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Subscription loyalty programs can be an impactful source of recurring revenue for retailers. But for retailers to earn customers’ subscriber fees, their loyalty programs need to offer the kinds of high-value perks, rewards, and opportunities that make membership a must-have.

It's something Gaelle Ouggourni, Director of CRM & Loyalty at Adore Me, knows all too well. The direct-to-consumer lingerie brand has crafted a subscription loyalty program that makes a major business impact - and as part of our ongoing series of podcasts in collaboration with Retail Dive, “Redefining Incentives”, we recently sat down with Gaelle to learn more.

Hosted by Talon.One’s Director of Industry Strategy, Sam Panzer, we wanted to better understand Adore Me's unique approach to loyalty - including the brand’s flexible membership programs, the connections they build with customers, and how Talon.One powers their loyalty program.

Listen to the full podcast episode here, or catch up on highlights from the episode below.

Sam: Adore Me is a direct to consumer brand that offers customers several different ways to shop. How do your membership options work?

Gaelle: Customers have the option to engage with us in various ways: Either they can enroll in one of our two memberships or they can make one-time purchases without any subscription commitments.

Regarding the two memberships, the first one is called the VIP Membership. This entitles members to exclusive benefits including discounted pricing with $10 off every set. Additionally, they can also have a reward program where every sixth set is free and they also have access to exclusive offers.

We also have another membership called the Elite Membership. Here it's a different concept; it's a luxury box subscription, where the customer receives a monthly curated selection of approximately six items that are personalized to the member's preferences.

Those membership options provide the customer with the choice that best suits their preferences and shopping habits. They’re really what's been driving profitability for Adore Me for years now.

Sam: I’ve also learned that Adore Me recently launched a new loyalty program. Could you please describe the program and share with us some key features?

Gaelle: We've introduced a beta version of our loyalty program named “Friends to Lovers,” and it operates along the lines of a traditional loyalty program featuring tiers, points, and rewards. It's designed to complement our VIP Membership and add another layer to our customer experience.

Our aim was to keep things straightforward considering the fact that we already offer three distinct ways to shop, but we identified that we had two areas where enhancements were needed with our current membership offerings (so we decided to launch a loyalty program on top of it).

The first thing was that we recognized the importance of really acknowledging the value of our top-tier customers. Introducing tiers provided us with a means to show appreciation for our most loyal customers and demonstrate that we really value their ongoing loyalty.

The second thing was that we saw an opportunity to introduce buildable points to create a sense of progression with each purchase. This feature will allow the customer to work towards a specific goal and will foster a deeper sense of engagement and satisfaction compared to the previous membership options.

Sam: What are some particularly unique or impactful features or capabilities of Talon.One that are benefiting Adore Me?

Gaelle: We hesitated a lot about moving away from doing loyalty with internal tools. In the end, when we decided to do it with an external platform, we really wanted to have a flexible solution that could adapt to the complexity of our in-house system.

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"When we benchmarked different loyalty software vendors, we appreciated Talon.One because it was the most flexible from a technical perspective. It felt like even if we were to add more complex use cases in the future, we would never get stuck. "
Gaelle Ouggourni, Adore Me

Gaelle Ouggourni

Director of CRM & Loyalty of Adore Me

The platform is straightforward, modern, and very well documented. The tech team also loves working with Talon.One which has helped with testing and implementation.

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