What is scalability: The definition

A highly scalable software system is one that’s able to cope with future increases in demand. This is usually with simple changes that provide increased capacity across various parameters. Scalable software systems are ones that may handle spikes including in the following parameters:

  • User volume

  • Data volume

  • Site traffic

  • Memory requirements

  • Customer demand

At Talon.One we define scalability as the following: 

Scalable definition

In computing terms, scalability refers to a system’s ability to meet increased demand. This increased demand could be anything from user volume to memory requirements.

Achieving scalability as a business

Software platforms have to be built with future scalability in mind in order to deliver results when a business experiences high growth. It’s not just a matter of being able to support more users. Cloud-based software has to have the right architecture to allow for quick and easy upgrades to cope with extra demand.

This is one of the main benefits of SaaS/cloud-based software platforms. If structured and implemented correctly, they can accommodate practically any increase in demand. Alongside being able to cope with increased demand, cost is another key consideration in scalability. This is because it's important to ensure a software system remains financially viable throughout the growth process.

Scalable promotions

Scalability applies to promotional campaigns and software too. On the campaign level, promotions need to be set up to deal with future increases in demand. If there’s a greater-than-predicted number of customers taking advantage of a promotion, it may need to set up to scale in a different way. This may involve tapering discounts or limiting coupon codes after a certain point.

On the software side, the same applies to a promotions platform as any other SaaS platform. As long as the software has been structured in a way that allows it to cope with increased user demand, traffic, data capacity, etc., it should be able to scale and meet the customer's future requirements.

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