27 Mar 2024

Forrester names Talon.One among notable vendors

David Hartery

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Talon.One has been named among notable vendors in Forrester's report, The Loyalty Technology Solutions Landscape, Q4, 2022. We believe this recognition is a testament to the company's continued expertise and leadership in the field of loyalty technology solutions.

What is the Forrester LTS Landscape Report? 

The Q4, 2022 Loyalty Technology Solutions Landscape report by Forrester is an overview of the loyalty technology solutions market. The report provides an overview of the key trends and drivers shaping the market, as well as a segmentation of notable vendors and their products.

The report lists types of offerings, their market size based on revenue, their industry focus, and their geographic focus. 

 The report is aimed at B2C businesses that are looking for technology to support new or evolving loyalty programs.

The future of loyalty

According to the Forrester report, Forrester’s Marketing Survey, 2022 found that 59% of global B2C marketing decision-makers plan to increase spending on loyalty technology this year. Forrester defines loyalty technology solutions as “technology solutions that enable marketers to create, manage, and track consumer loyalty programs — including management of currencies, tiers, rewards, offers, and campaigns.” 

In a study published by Global Industry Analysts Inc, (GIA) titled "Loyalty Management - Global Market Trajectory & Analytics," they estimate the global market for loyalty services will hit $9.2 billion by 2025.

Within this highly competitive and growing market, we’re excited and validated to be a large and influential part of this shift towards data-driven and personalized customer loyalty experiences.

Where does Talon.One sit in Forrester’s report?

Among the notable vendors in Forrester’s Loyalty Technology Report, Talon.One was listed TalonOne as a mid-sized vendor in the loyalty technology solutions market, with a mid-sized vendor being defined as one with a market revenue level of $25 - $60 million. The Forrester report notes that Talon.One has a self-reported geographic focus on North America (NA), Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), and Asia Pacific (APAC). 

We’re most happy with the recognition. Talon.One’s self-reported go to market industry focus by use case is in risk analytics and  customer experience management and optimization.

We believe this is a crucial capability that Talon.One offers, as it’s not found in any other martech. Talon.One provides other top/core capabilities. These include personalization to drive loyalty, promotions and offer management, and business intelligence for program optimization. All these features help you create an effective loyalty program that increases customer engagement and drives sales.

Talon.One features and benefits

Talon.One advanced loyalty platform  allows businesses to create and manage personalized loyalty programs that drive customer engagement and retention.

Talon.One is an industry-leading platform for loyalty management. With Talon.One, you can create and manage your business’ loyalty programs, leveraging tiers, points, custom earning/redeeming rules, omnichannel notifications, loyalty subledgers, and more.

You can engage advocates with referral codes and gamify your rewards programs with a stronger acquisition strategy. You can also create highly targeted customer segments using personalized attributes and segmentation of customer data.

Talon.One is built on an intuitive interface for business users to create ‘condition-and-effect’ rules that define the logic of each campaign. By clicking together simple rules, brands can build rich, scalable loyalty campaigns with minimum configuration and no code. 


Talon.One is proud to have been recognized by Forrester as a notable vendor in the sector, particularly given the report’s focus on composable loyalty and martech flexibility. To us, these findings match up well with feedback we’ve received from a number of the international brands we work with, as well as the learnings our internal experts have found while working in the loyalty space over a very changeable 12 months. We look forward to continuing our work with clients of all sizes to build better loyalty programs powered by our industry-leading technology.

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