10 May 2024

Spring product update: New features for more effective, secure and personalized incentives

Jorge Rodriguez-Ramos, Head of Product Management

Jorge Rodriguez-Ramos

Head of Product Management


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As we welcome the warmer weather, we have a whole host of fresh product features to share in our spring 2024 product update. 

Read on for an in-depth look at these updates and more, or revisit our monthly product update demos to catch up on all the latest enhancements.

Single-Sign On (SSO) improvements

Following our recent rollout of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), we're advancing our security measures by introducing a “Single Sign-On (SSO)” login option at an account level. This enables users to access multiple platforms and services with just one set of credentials, simplifying the login process, saving time, and reducing the hassle of managing multiple passwords. Plus, SSO enhances security by centralizing authentication processes, allowing for better monitoring and control over user access. 

 Looking to set up SSO for your account? Check out our easy-to-follow tutorials for Okta, Google, and Microsoft Entra ID


How to set up Single sign-on (SSO) in Talon.One

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Campaign calendar updates

We introduced our Campaign Calendar feature in our previous product update blog - and we’re now excited to announce some big updates to our Calendar View, helping you get a better overview of your campaigns than ever before. Users can now:

  • See everything at a glance: Campaigns without a scheduled date now appear in the calendar, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

  • Have more views and more clarity: Choose from daily, weekly, or the new monthly view to best serve your planning needs.

  • Power quick date navigation: Use the new mini-month-view calendar on the right side for faster date selection.

  • Stay informed: Campaigns running low on budget or nearing their end are now clearly labeled, helping you make necessary adjustments without delay.

  • Benefit from visual cues: Campaigns spanning multiple viewing periods are now marked with pointed edges to indicate continuation beyond the current view.


Talon.One's campaign calendar monthly view

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Team edit alert

In the final hour before a major promotion campaign launch, the last thing any team needs is the frustration of lost edits and duplicated efforts. Picture the scene: everyone is racing against the clock, making final tweaks, only to find their work overwritten by a colleague's simultaneous updates. It's a scenario that can not only delay the launch but also throw cold water on team morale and productivity. 

Recognizing the critical need for seamless collaboration and protected contributions, we've introduced the team editing alert feature. This feature ensures that every team member's contributions are instantly recognized and safeguarded, mitigating the risk of lost edits. With this feature in place, teams can focus on their tasks with confidence, knowing that their efforts are valued and protected.


Talon.One's team edit alert feature

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Customer coupon insights

Implementing a personalized approach to promotions is a top priority for many companies. Not only does it boost the effectiveness of promotions, but it also enhances the bond between a company and its customers. 

However, there's another crucial aspect to consider. Personalized promotions also play a vital role in reducing customer complaints. For instance, when a customer believes they're eligible for a coupon but can't recall the code, reaching out to customer service can be annoying. With a personalized approach, agents can swiftly locate the customer's profile page and access their coupons, resolving issues in real time.

That’s why we’ve added a new Coupon tab on each customer Profile Page, enabling our clients to avoid sifting through countless codes or asking their customer for more information, a time-consuming and often frustrating process. 


How to access each customer's coupons in their profile page

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Test scheduled campaigns

Managing numerous campaign launches, particularly during significant events like Black Friday or Christmas, often presents a serious challenge. To help reduce the complexities involved, our product team has introduced a way to simulate future dates for testing purposes. 

This empowers you to meticulously test and fine-tune your campaigns well in advance, eliminates the need for manual intervention, and reduces concerns about inadvertently disrupting live promotions. 

Take the following steps to activate this feature for your campaigns:

  • Update customer sessions

  • Set the future date

  • Preview without pressure

  • Make adjustments as needed


How to set future dates for campaigns for testing purposes

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Quick notification simulator 

Designed specifically for developers, this feature streamlines the process of triggering and validating notification scenarios, removing complexities and time-consuming steps. 

With this new capability, developers gain a direct preview of how their notifications will perform in real-world situations, without the need for simulating actual time-based events or user actions. This simplification ensures a smoother development process, providing clear insights into notification functionality and facilitating seamless integration into applications.


Talon.One's quick notification simulator

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Card-based notifications

By alerting users about expiring points or rewards, businesses not only demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction but also encourage continued participation in loyalty programs. These notifications foster a sense of urgency, prompting customers to take action before valuable rewards are lost.

Building on the Loyalty Card feature which offers a combined wallet and allows members to share points and rewards among families or groups, we’ve added notifications for card-based programs. This addresses a crucial need for direct, timely communication about expiring points to keep customers informed and engaged. 

To know more about how loyalty programs notifications work at Talon.One, check out our documentation page


How to manage loyalty card notifications in Talon.One

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That’s all for our spring product update! Stay in the loop for our next releases in 2024 by registering for our monthly product update webinars via your Talon.One dashboard. 

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