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Amplitude Integration


Sep 22, 2022

Sean McTiernan Editorial Content Writer Talon.One

Sean McTiernan

Editorial Content Writer

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It's now even easier to integrate Talon.One with Amplitude CDP, allowing users to build unique, targeted Talon.One promotions with behavioral data from Amplitude. 

Using Talon.One with Amplitude’s CDP gives marketers the ability to create cohorts of customers based on customer behavior — and use those cohorts as triggers for rewards and incentives. 

The criteria for cohorts can be as general as “first time customer” or as specific as “Android users who abandoned their carts on an e-commerce site in the last month.” 

Like every feature of Amplitude, cohorts are designed to give businesses a better understanding of their customers. With the new Talon.One/Amplitude integration, cohorts can be used in Talon.One campaigns, allowing users to create unique promotions for any customer behavior.

Basing promotions on actual customer interactions means creating the incentives that are most likely to capture customer interest. 42% of customers cite ads that feel redundant to them as the single most annoying thing about marketing content from a brand. 

According to a study by McKinsey,  personalization can lead to up to 20% higher customer satisfaction and increase sales conversion by up to 15%. The same study also revealed personalization can reduce marketing and sales costs by 10 to 20 percent, with targeted promotions allowing businesses to incentivize the right customers.

Targeted promotions are the difference between acknowledging the customer and knowing the customer. 

Talon.One is built on the idea that organizations win when they take a data driven approach to promotions and loyalty. Amplitude’s best-in-class approach to data management and insights driven decision making aligns with that concept perfectly.” - Corey Krafte, Technology Partner Manager, Talon.One.

How It Works

The new Talon.One integration with Amplitude is designed to make creating targeted promotions as smooth as possible. Follow the steps below and you’ll be able to link both platforms and start building compelling promotions based on user behavior in no time.

  • Add Talon.One as a destination in Amplitude

    Create a CDP-specific Talon.One API key. Choose Talon.One as a messaging destination in the Amplitude Data dashboard, add the API key and sync the settings. 

  • Create a cohort in Amplitude
    In the Amplitude analytics dashboard, create a new cohort. Choose the criteria. Save the cohort.

    (Cohorts can be based on a wide range of criteria such as “...performed event”, “...had property” and more. Check out the Amplitude Help Center to learn more about audience tracking)

  • Sync Talon.One and Amplitude
    In the cohort, click “sync to” and select Talon.One. Pick the API target destination from step 1. Set the sync frequency.

  • Start building targeted promotions!

    The Amplitude cohort can now be used to create promotions specifically for this cohort using Talon.One Audience Conditions like “Is member of an audience.”

More detailed integration instructions are available here

“Amplitude and Talon.One are the perfect combination when building laser-targeted promotions. The flexibility of both platforms means total creativity, allowing users to automate unique incentives for any customer action” - Dan Stephen, Amplitude Director of Global Partnerships


According to Boston Consulting Group, when a shopping experience is highly personalized, customers are 110% more likely to add additional items to their baskets and 40% more likely to spend more than they had planned. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make customers feel seen and heard

Targeted promotions allow businesses to deliver the right incentives to the right customers at just the right time. By integrating Talon.One and Amplitude, businesses have an intuitive way to engage and motivate customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

We are delighted to see the innovative promotions created by integration Talon.One with Amplitude. If you’d like to start using targeted promotions to delight your customers, learn more about our partnership here.

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