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Agora is a mobile banking app empowering over 500,000 people to control their personal finances. Around 60% of Peruvians are ‘unbanked’, making secure, cash-free transactions an important advance in financial freedom.


For years worldwide, banks have lacked transparency, with hidden fees and complicated smallprint.

This distrust has led to over 60% of the population in Peru being unbanked and unable to manage their personal finances securely.  

Agora empowers users to save money, make cashless payments and make transfers directly from their mobile device.

With a rapidly growing user base Agora needed a solution for their promotions that was diverse, easily scalable and offered the flexibility and security digital banking requires.      

Agora needed a solution that

  1. Could be used to attract & retain new customers
  2. Had very high security standards suitable for banking
  3. Had a diverse range of promotion features
  4. Could handle large spikes in traffic from their growing user base

“We were looking for an API solution we could connect and use directly.”

Alejandro Borasino

Head of Growth at Agora

“We were looking for an API solution we could connect and use directly.”

Head of Growth at Agora


Agora’s straightforward mobile wallet needed an out-of-the-box promotion solution that was robust, secure and could connect to all the different versions of POS payment systems that users could use in stores.

Talon.One’s API was the obvious choice for the long-term.  

Agora created the custom data attributes, events and attribution models they wanted to use in their Rules.

Then with webhooks they sent dynamic notifications and codes attached to coupons that could be tracked easily via user IDs and session information. 

Talon.One helped Agora

  1. Set up their custom attributes, events and effects for rules
  2. Create attribution models using unique tracking codes
  3. Send notifications, webhooks & data to Agora’s cloud
  4. Reach hundreds of thousands of customers via user IDs & sessions
Fintech Case Study: Agora Upscale for Over 500,000 Users
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