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Moladin is a marketplace for used cars designed to help small-scale agents and dealers simplify the transaction processes while enabling a better customer experience. They planned a gamification strategy to engage each level of their user base but found it was more efficient and faster to release with a third-party system vs. building from scratch with their systems.


We spoke to Moladin CPO Praz Perkasa to learn more.

What channels are you leveraging for growth and retention at the moment? (discount, coupons, referral, loyalty, gamification)

One key pillar for Moladin is our agents' gamification and incentive framework. When creating an extensive network of sales agents, motivation is a huge factor, highly driven by an incentive system. We see gamification as a vessel to help us guide our agents in doing behaviors to reach specific milestones. 


Other channels include referral programs for agent acquisition and leveling system to increase retention and productivity further. 

How important is it for you to be able to iterate and run experiments on promotions?

Extremely important. I view experimentation as a critical weapon in the arsenal for building impactful products. The world of product is the world of continuous discovery, learning, feedback, and optimization - and there is no end.


Experimentation is the only way to methodically and structurally get product-market fit (PMF). Once the product achieves PMF, experimentation is still needed to optimize and maintain PMF - as there will always be ever-changing dynamics within the various users of the product's ecosystem. 


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