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BERLIN, 15. August 2022: Paywatch, a fintech company providing services in Malaysia, Hong Kong and South Korea, is integrating Talon.One’s promotion software to create a loyalty program for its growing customer base.

Paywatch partners with major banks that provide low-cost financing directly to employees, enabling them to access their salaries instantly, rather than waiting till payday. 


When employees decide to withdraw their earnings before payday, Paywatch's partner banks provide the financing based on how much work the employee has completed to date.

The Kuala Lumpur-based company helps the underbanked to access low-cost credit from major financial institutions that would normally be out of their reach. Their approach enables employees to avoid high-cost predatory lending practices and indebtedness. 

Paywatch needed a point-based loyalty program to help them build a solid foundation for its customer acquisition and retention activities. 

They aim to let employers assign loyalty points based on the seniority of their employees. The employees can redeem their points to buy vouchers on the app and reduce transaction costs. 

Paywatch also plans to use the referral solution offered by Talon.One to optimize interactions with users and minimize customer acquisition costs. Talon.One’s Rule Builder allows Paywatch to access unlimited referral rewards and incentives for the referred customer — and the advocate. 


“Paywatch have a unique business model, which will really benefit from cutting-edge promotional solutions as they aim to maximize user uptake," says Chris Mills, VP of Sales at Talon.One. "The loyalty and referral features offered by Talon.One will help Paywatch grow their customer base without having to spend hours of development time on building promotions from scratch.” 

Talon.One’s engineers — as well as teams from Braze and Segment — are collaborating to integrate with Paywatch’s existing tech stack. The single integration will ensure Paywatch have a future-proof promotions capability that will scale with their business.

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