What is hyper-personalization?

Hyper-personalization vs. personalization

How hyper-personalization benefits a business

Hyper-personalization and the omnichannel

What is hyper-personalization?

Hyper-personalization refers to creating targeted experiences for customers, using real-time data, analytics, AI and automation.

By maximizing customer engagement, hyper-personalization increases customer retention rate and brand loyalty. 

Hyper-personalization vs. personalization

Personalization focuses on the basic information about a customer such as name, gender, location and other demographics to tailor marketing messages that interact directly to the customer as an individual.

Hyper-personalization is when you decide to take a data-driven approach to personalization, pulling from real-time and behavioral data to deliver highly relevant, individualized messages.


  • Leverages AI, NLP and automation to create highly relevant and customized experiences.

  • Tracks clickstream data (clicks, add to carts, etc.) in real-time to create relevant product/service recommendations

  • Increases marketing ROI and red

How hyper-personalization benefits a business

With quality execution, hyper-personalization totally transforms how a business is perceived. Shoppers feel like seasoned regulars, not retained customers. Global businesses recapture the corner shop feeling of a friendly, trusted resource. It creates a more rounded experience for everyone involved.

Through hyper-personalization, businesses are able to create meaningful conversations with their customers, creating value for them while driving their sales. Hyper-personalization is a powerful tool for brands to show that they view their customers not as random shoppers but as valuable people. 

Many successful brands including Starbucks, Amazon and Netflix use analytics to tailor their offerings to the specific behaviors and preferences of each customer.

Hyper-personalization and the omnichannel

A crucial component of delivering a memorable omnichannel experience is the ability to go beyond personalization and communicate hyper-personalized experiences.

The omnichannel experience for customers transforms a business from disparate channels into a single entity. 

The omnichannel approach provides endless possibilities for hyper-personalization. In-store purchase history is reflected in a customer’s online profile, e.g. removing an item they recently purchased in-store automatically from their online wishlist. 

omnichannel approach in hyper-personalization

A customer could use their phone to redeem personalized coupons and offers in-store that would normally only be available online. Upon entering a store, customers could immediately be pinged with a list of recommended products, complete with information about whether they’re in stock in that location or locations nearby.

If you’re interested in knowing how hyper-personalization works for your business, check out our ebook, “Hyper-personalization: Next Evolution Of Customer Experience.” 

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