Jan 18, 2023

Talon.One joins the MACH Alliance

Henry Bewicke - Content Writer

Henry Bewicke

Content Writer


5 minutes to read joins the mach alliance

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been certified as the newest member of the MACH Alliance. We join a growing group of headless microservices and business solution providers who are dedicated to making future-proof, modular software for businesses.

Together, the MACH Alliance aims to promote software that helps businesses build powerful, custom systems for any purpose. 

Here’s what you need to know about:

  • What the MACH Alliance does

  • What we bring to the table

  • Ways your business can benefit from the MACH philosophy

What is the MACH Alliance?

The MACH Alliance’s mission is to promote the benefits of Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless software platforms (hence the term ‘MACH’). 

Founded in June 2020, the MACH Alliance aims to help enterprise organizations navigate the digital transition with expert guidance and support.

Members of the MACH Alliance all share the belief that interoperability and open architecture in modern software is the future of digital products.

Before joining the alliance, members have to pass certification to show that they’re compatible with the modern open tech ecosystem. Find out more about the alliance and its certification requirements.

“We evaluated Talon.One’s technology, references, and roadmap and they meet all the criteria for a future-proof technology stack. We’re very pleased with their support of the overall MACH Alliance mission,” Says Kelly Goetsch, President of the MACH Alliance.

[The MACH Alliance is a [501(c)(6)] non-profit organization, governed by an independent board and does not endorse specific vendors, members or otherwise.]

Why Talon.One joined the MACH Alliance

Since launching our Promotion Engine in 2015, we have been strong advocates of the MACH software approach. We designed our software with the future in mind and have already partnered with many like-minded software providers, including commercetools and Vue Storefront.

‘’Talon.One has always been a cloud-based, API-first service from the very start, so joining the MACH Alliance was just a matter of time’’ says Christoph Gerber, CEO of Talon.One.

“We all have the same clear understanding of what the future of business technology should be. Scalable, Simple and Secure.’’

From our bases in Berlin, Boston, and Singapore, we enable businesses around the world to bring their promotion ideas to life. As the world’s most powerful promotions software, our Promotion Engine allows you to build virtually any promotional campaign you want.

You can combine referrals, loyalty programs, coupons, product bundles, geofenced campaigns, gift cards, reactive promotions, and much more. These customization capabilities allow you to build campaigns to meet any business requirements.

On top of the Promotion Engine’s almost endless customizability, our API can be integrated with customers’ existing software stacks. We believe this is the way the software landscape is headed, so joining the MACH Alliance was an obvious choice for us.

Example ecommerce shop with Talon.One discounts applied

The business value of using this type of technology

There is a huge variety of benefits to using headless, API-first, cloud-based systems. While legacy systems tend to be monolithic, hard to customize, and cumbersome, MACH systems are the opposite. They possess all the flexibility needed to deal with the demands of fast-evolving businesses, and the rapidly changing business landscape.

Firstly, cloud-based systems are highly scalable. This means that they can be altered as necessary to meet increasing demands, without suffering drops in performance. This has the added benefit of minimizing costs because systems can be optimized for each individual client.

Secondly, API-first systems like ours are designed to be integrated as part of a wider software stack. In other words, customers pick and choose which software platforms or microservices they need. These separate systems are then integrated together as a custom software solution.

This strategy has become the standard for businesses ranging from startup to enterprise level. With the headless, modular software approach becoming more and more widespread, adopting MACH principles is a key differentiator for forward thinking businesses.

How Talon.One contributes to this value

Talon.One enables businesses in practically any industry to set up and manage promotions across the entire customer lifecycle.

The Promotion Engine is flexible and easy to use, so you won’t have to waste time developing your own promotions systems. It allows you to set up everything, from loyalty programs to referrals, coupons, geofencing, and much more, straight out of the box.

Our platform perfectly complements all sorts of ecommerce business tools. Unlike other backend promotion tools that focus on a specific use case, our platform handles everything promotions related. This means you won’t have to spend more money to get additional features or additional software to run different types of promotions.

An example of a KPI-driven loyalty program in Talon.One's Promotion Engine

We’re also big proponents of software security. Each of our customers get their own unique deployment, which is completely isolated and fully secured with E2E data encryption. With multiple instances, we ensure that downtime is virtually impossible. This means our customers can be sure our service will perform during peak events like Black Friday, or the ticket release for the biggest concert of the year.

Now that we’re a certified member of the MACH Alliance, we’re looking forward to doing our bit to help companies future-proof their promotions

For more information about our platform, and the many ways it helps our customers drive revenue with successful promotions check out some of the content in our Content Library.   

Or you can find out how HappyFresh used Talon.One to set up their gamified grocery rewards program in just 1 month in this case study.

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