Don’t accept a second-rate promotion system for your first-class brand

dont accept second class promotion system for your first class brand


Jul 27, 2022

Henry Bewicke - Content Writer

Henry Bewicke

Content Writer

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Promotions have become an essential part of modern marketing strategy, and they’re something consumers are paying more attention to than ever before.

Big brands like McDonald’s have recently invested heavily in new digital promotions strategies to increase customer engagement and retention.

But how does your business go about building a promotions strategy that mimics the successes of initiatives like Starbucks Rewards?

In this blog post we’ll explain how the software you use is essential to the success of your promotions strategy. We’ll also give some examples of the ways our customers have used our Promotion Engine to build winning promotions strategies themselves.

The importance of promotions in 2022

Competition to run engaging, unique promotions is at an all-time high, particularly among brands in the retail and ecommerce space.

Timeline of promotion innovations

Consumer expectations have risen as a result of the widespread pandemic-related digital transition. They now expect personalization and interactive experiences throughout the shopping experience.

According to McKinsey, 71% of consumers now expect brands to offer personalized interactions”

There are many ways to personalize the online shopping experience, but promotions are one of the most effective. They provide benefits for businesses, as well as customers.

But personalization is just one aspect of effective promotions strategy. 

How do you build great promotions?

Alongside personalization, consumers expect to be able to enjoy a seamless shopping experience when switching between the different channels they use to shop.

The key factor in addressing both of these expectations is software. Without capable software, it’s impossible to build meaningful promotions that reflect the individual needs of your customers.

There are many different software solutions on the market that focus on one specific field of promotions at a time — for example loyalty programs. But the vast majority of loyalty software specializes only in loyalty programs.

Build or buy?

When it comes to building valuable modern promotions, simply having standard loyalty capabilities is nowhere near enough to provide what customers have come to expect.

Alternatively, many businesses choose to build their own promotions solution in-house. While this seems like a pragmatic approach, it’s very rarely the best option.

Building in-house is expensive in terms of time and resources, and the end result will never provide the capabilities of specialist promotions software.

Talon.One was built specifically to provide maximum promotional capabilities across a range of different promotion types, including referrals, loyalty, coupons, discounts, bundles and much more.

This makes it a much more cost effective option than building in-house, as many of our customers have found.


Helloprint upgraded from an in-house solution to Talon.One’s Promotion Engine so that they could launch more complex promotional campaigns with personalized rewards at specific points in the customer journey.

“It’s really great to be able to control all these different aspects of our promotions. It’s fascinating how much flexibility and freedom we have now when we create new campaigns.” Nick Mahn, PPC Manager at Helloprint

One of the most important operational benefits of switching to Talon.One was being able to reduce their development resource costs. Their development team now has more time to spend on the core product, and the marketing team can set up any promotional campaign they want on their own.

Talon.One promotions on the Helloprint website


We’re also constantly improving our product, so it’s completely future-proof, without any additional cost to our customers.

Hostelworld also switched from an in-house build to our Promotion Engine. The main objective was future-proofing their promotions capabilities without having to invest huge resources on doing so themselves.

“We know we’ll continue to be competitive in this space, even though we don't necessarily have to put additional backend effort into it.” Johnny Quach, CPO at Hostelworld

To find out more about how Talon.One allows businesses to build any promotional campaign they need in the most cost-effective way, download our new white paper — Future-proofing retail and ecommerce promotion strategy.

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